Deputies piecing together shoot-out between cousins in McClellanville

MCCLELLANVILLE, SC (WCSC) - An argument-turned-shoot-out left one man dead and another behind bars in McClellanville Wednesday night.

Mary Young said the two men were relatives, and members of her own family. "I heard some shooting out there, but I didn't come outside because I thought it was the folks in the back horsing around," she said.

However, the gunshots she heard came from McBride Road and were not horseplay. Young's family has lived there for three generations.

"I saw the person laying down in the path. I saw someone over the person. I ran and asked, 'What is going on?' and my son Gregory says, 'Mom, this is Patrick.' WHen I saw Patrick on the ground bleeding from the head, I must have passed out," said Young.

Her 26-year-old grandson, Patrick Young, was dead. He had been shot twice with a rifle and the Sheriff's Office said the shooter was his 55-year-old cousin James "Charlie" Williams.

"[This was] an argument between cousins that escalated into shooting. Both the victim and the cousin arrested had guns," Major John Clark said.

Young said she didn't understand what could have left both men so heated they would open fire on each other. "They were together all day Saturday afternoon, having a good time together. It's just a mystery to us what happened," she said.

The Charleston County Sheriff's Office is investigating. Clark said the incident appeared to be a case of self-defense, so Williams wasn't arrested for the shooting.

But he did have an outstanding warrant and was taken to jail for failure to pay child support.

Now those living on McBride Road are dealing with  two tragedies in one family.

"This is a rough time right now because we [are] thinking about Patrick who's dead and thinking about Charlie who's in jail because we love them both. Its rough, real rough," said Young.

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