Folly Beach police hope picture may help in search of missing man

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FOLLY BEACH, SC (WCSC) - Police hope a picture may help in the investigation of a man who went missing Sunday.

An underwater search team spent all Monday afternoon looking for Rashid Mir, who was last seen near a sailboat at the Sunset Cay Marina in Folly Beach.

The Charleston County Underwater Recovery team used side scan sonar to search the waters, but nothing turned up, Folly Beach Public Safety Chief Terry Boatwright said.

"From here, basically what we've got is a report of a missing person. So we'll begin to back off now and try to run some leads and see what we can identify and where we need to go," Boatwright said.

Someone who is also staying at the marina saw Mir, 74, early Sunday morning.

But it was Mir's long time friend who called police.

"The friend visited the boat yesterday [Sunday] and did not find him; did notice some personal effects and thought he might be out for a walk or something of that nature. Came back this morning [Monday] and saw essentially the same thing," Boatwright said.

Mir is not from the area, investigators said.

Mir has been hanging out on the boat since mid last week and in the Folly Beach area for about two weeks, police said.

Mir has an Oregon driver's license, but the address on the license says he lives in Spanish Fork, Utah.

"When we checked the boat, we found personal facts such a wallet, cell phone and laptop computer and understand that it was out of character for him to leave those sorts of things unsecured," Boatwright said.

It was concern over his safety that sparked the search efforts.

Police are hoping to find someone who may know him or may know what places he frequents. They're also trying to track down Mir's family members.

If you know where Mir may be located, call Folly Beach Public Safety at 588-2433.

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