NC gov. gone on secret vacation to "warm place"

RALEIGH, NC (WBTV) - Despite unemployment at record highs, North Carolina's governor has gone on a week-long vacation and refuses to tell the press where she is. This is the second secret vacation Perdue has taken since taking office in a year.

Gov. Bev Perdue left for a week-long vacation on Jan. 22 to get away from the cold weather in Raleigh, a Raleigh newspaper reported.

Perdue told the News & Observer that she would be gone but she refused to say where.

Perdue joked with the newspaper that she was going to "vacation to a nice warm place" and did not want photographers following her.

The first mystery vacation was last February, when after a month in office Perdue took off on what she called a "working vacation" – yet she put Walter Dalton in place as acting governor until she returned to the state.

The state's unemployment hit record levels in December, the state reported last Friday. The records are the highest since the recession began.

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