Midlands reps weigh in on State of the Union

By Stewart Moore - bio | email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - With President Barack Obama's first State of the Union address all said and done, lawmakers around the country got to work analyzing, criticizing and praising his words.

The partisan divide in Washington DC isn't more apparent than in South Carolina, where two of the country's most well-known members are from.

Rep. Joe Wilson and Rep. James Clyburn both had plenty to say about Obama's speech.

The president proposed a new jobs bill to help kick start the nation's troubled unemployment rate during the speech. Wilson applauded Obama's focus on jobs, but disagrees with the method to put Americans back to work.

"Across the board tax cuts is how you can create jobs," said Wilson. "That's what JFK did, that's what Ronald Reagan did."

Clyburn disagrees, saying taxes have been cut enough.

"The fact that he's cut taxes in all areas," said Clyburn. "Ninety-five percent of Americans got a tax cut. Then saying not one dime has been raised on anyone's taxes."

Spending has gone up and the national debt reflects the case. Wilson says he likes the fact the president is putting money into community banks to help small businesses, but would like to see the money spent from a different account.

"I believe that the $30 billion should come from the stimulus funds," said Wilson. "The president said TARP funds would be used to reduce the deficit. So the funding he's identified is coming from the wrong source."

"If you are going to attack a recession, you do so by spending money," said Clyburn. "We will get around to cutting programs after we get back to work.

The congressmen did agree that cutting the capital gains tax would help small businesses.

Also of note, Wilson's website was hacked last night by Anti-Obama activists. It has been down most of the day for repairs.

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