Bishopville's first African-American mayor sworn in

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - February is African-American History Month, and Sunday in the Midlands, one African-American man did something that will go down in the history books.

It had the appearance of a Sunday service, with rows of people clapping and even a bible.
But instead of a pastor, Alexander Boyd was at the podium being sworn in as the first African-American mayor in Bishopville's history.
Ethel Isaac's husband is also a local mayor.

"I'm happy to see another black in office in the county, especially someone who has served the county well for so many years," said Isaac.

"But with the city of Bishopville, I hope it's not based on the fact that I'm African-American," said Boyd. "Based on the fact the city of Bishopville is still under strong leadership, we're going to move forward with city government."

"Actually, he's been a city council member for the last 22 years," said local utilities director Mike Deal. "He's been a very good one; I worked for him for the past 22 years, and I look forward to working more for him as mayor."

Once the fanfare of his service ended, Boyd says it's straight to work. Even though Boyd has some experience under his belt, he says tomorrow is a new day.

"No such thing as a pro because in public service, every day is a different need and every day is a different challenge," he said.

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