Finding love in 2010

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CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - In 2009, Justin Van Bogart launched the Charleston Singles Club.

"Our slogan is to love the single life," said Van Bogart.

The club has merged online communication, with face-to-face contact, holding bi-weekly events at various bars and restaurants throughout Charleston.

"The club is really gunned after young professionals," said Van Bogart. "I shy away from ever putting age restrictions on this at all."

For a monthly fee, club members can e-mail other members on the Charleston Singles Club Web site, and also receive discounts for teeth whitening, gym memberships, and haircuts, among others.

Although members are intent on celebrating the single life, sometimes love happens.

"Basically it was show up at a bunch of different events. I started to see her at the first event at the second event, and basically it went from there," said David Bizousky, who said he met his girlfriend through the club.

Six months ago, Bradley Boyd of Houston, Texas created the Web site

"It's a Web site for people who are beyond casual online dating, who are specifically wanting to meet other people who are ready to settle down and get married, compared to casual online daters," said Boyd.

At 22-years-old, and single, Kaitlin Powers of Charleston says the old-fashioned way works best for her when it comes to meeting someone.

"It's just going out with girlfriends and trying not to look is the easiest way to find people is when you're not looking," said Powers.

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