Crimestoppers story helps to crack 13-year-old case

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - For 13 years, Antoine Jones' disappearance has remained a mystery.

However, investigators had enough evidence to prove it was a murder. But without Jones' body and any credible witnesses, his murder quickly became a cold case.

Jones was visiting Columbia to see a friend's child get baptized.

Cold case investigator Bryan Godfrey says the night before the church service, he was part of a drug deal and some one killed him.

Jones' body was never recovered, but his car was found and traces of his blood covered the interior.

A few weeks back, Godfrey got two calls that helped crack the case.

"Those two people put the pieces of the puzzle together, so now we've completed our timeline of what occurred from the time he arrived in Columbia to the time of his demise," said Godfrey.

On Dec. 30, Midlands Crimestoppers ran a story on the case and asked you for tips. Godfrey got the tips he needed to charge one man with murder. Another man is also wanted in connection with this case, but he's on the run.

Godfrey's hoping for one more good tip so he can close this file for good.

"It worked," said Godfrey of the report. "Absolutely and we welcome any tips generated from Crimestoppers."

The whole reason deputies reopened this case is because Jones' niece, who was just 9 years old when this happened, called them asking for help.

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