College of Charleston student cheers on her brother at Winter Olympics

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CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Last Thursday figure skater Evan Lysacek took home an Olympic gold medal for the United States and his win has ties to the Lowcountry.

Lysacek's sister, Christina, is a senior at the College of Charleston.

She was inside the Vancouver arena when her big brother achieved his longtime goal.

"He's been saying ever since he has been eight years-old, ' You guys just wait, I'm going to win an Olympic gold medal.'  We'd all be like, 'Okay, Evan. Whatever,' Now it actually happened and it just goes to show, you know dreams really do come true. He worked extremely hard. He's always known this is what he wanted and he achieved it," said Christina, thinking back to her childhood years growing up outside of Chicago with Evan.

"My mom never watches. She doesn't even go the arena. My dad goes to the arena but leaves when he skates and just kind of listens to the crowd and if the crowd is cheering a lot then he normally watches for about the last thirty seconds, and then my sister and I watch just holding hands, just clenching each other the entire time," Christina said in an interview with the College of Charleston, as she described the tense moments in the stands before her brother won the Olympic gold medal last week.

Evan Lysacek is the first American man to win a gold medal in figure skating in 22 years.

Christina Lysacek said because of her brother's intense training schedule she only sees him once or twice a year, but she has been happy to see him doing so many national television interviews since his big win at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

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