Senate overrides Sanford's veto on Fairfield Co. school bills

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The SC Senate made it official. In a unanimous vote, they overrode Governor Mark Sanford's veto on two bills that would take power away from the Fairfield County School Board of Trustees.

The bills were presented by Sen. Creighton Coleman and Rep. Boyd Brown who represent Fairfield County.  

One bill would take financial control away from the Board and give it to five volunteers with financial backgrounds. The other bill allows the legislature to appoint two new members of their choosing to the Board.

The bills passed the House and Senate. Then last week, Gov. Sanford vetoed both.

On Tuesday, the house overrode the vetoes. On Thursday morning, the Senate did the same.  

Because the legislation is local, Coleman was the only member of the Senate who cast a vote.

Brown and Coleman now say they will hand deliver the bills to Washington, DC to the Justice Department for approval.

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