COPY-10-year-old student angered by classroom decision allegedly poisons teacher

By Sam Tyson email | Twitter

COLLETON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Deputies at the Colleton County Sheriff's Office are investigating the alleged poisoning of a fourth grade teacher at Hendersonville Elementary School.

The alleged perpetrator was a 10-year-old student in the teacher's class.

When confronted by the principal of the school and a substitute teacher, the girl admitted to crushing up assorted prescription medications and other poisonous substances to put in the teacher's drink.

According to the police report, the victim began to feel ill during the Feb. 24 school day. She told deputies she continued to work through that, and the following, day, but called in sick Feb. 26.

According to her, the principal of the school Jessica Williams called the victim and told her that one of her students, a 10-year-old girl, was bragging to other students that she had "taken care of" the victim.

According to the Williams' account, the student said the teacher wouldn't be returning to school because of what the girl had put in her drink. The class' substitute teacher overheard the exchange between the suspect and other students and took the girl to Williams' office.

In Williams' office, the student confessed and said she poisoned the teacher because she was mad at the teacher for switching her to a different class. She said she was intentionally trying to harm the teacher.

The teacher told deputies she visited a doctor for a complete toxicology screening Friday and the report would be available sometime Saturday.

The student has been suspended for 10 days pending the outcome of a disciplinary hearing being conducted by the school and the district.

The 14th Circuit Solicitor's Office is also investigating the incident. According to the solicitor's office, a family court hearing has been scheduled for March 25. The student will face one of two charges -- administering poison or tampering with human drug products. She will only be charged on one of the two charges, a spokesperson with the solicitor's office said.

If the student is convicted, there will be an evaluation and a judge will determine the girl's sentence. Because of the girl's age at the time of conviction, she will likely be sentenced to either house arrest or juvenile jail.

The spokesman for the solicitor's office said the law prohibits them from incarcerating juveniles under the age of 11.

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