Animal hospital offering services on eBay

By Chandi Lowry

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A Grand Strand animal hospital is using the ever-so-popular website eBay in effort to try and tame Myrtle Beach's pet population.

Best Friends Animal Hospital is allowing pet owners to bid on spay and neutering procedures. For the next nine days, the hospital is offering two options for pet owners. There is a choice to either neuter any size dog for $100 or spay any size dog for $150.

Dr. Muhammad Bajwa, who works at the hospital, believes that many animals get put down because they haven't had the proper procedures performed.

"I noticed that there were a large number of pets being euthanized just because of the spays and everything so this is just helping our goal to reduce the pet population," said Bajwa.

Lisa Luksa, who works alongside Bajwa, appreciates how the hospital is trying making a difference.

"I think it's great everyone uses a computer these days. So hopefully the opportunity to do this, will help encourage people to help spay and neuter their animals", said Luksa.

This bid will last for the next nine days.

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