Transcription: In-car discussion between Summerville hostage suspect, officer

Robinson: I couldn't do it myself. You see?


I said my initial thought was to kill three people. In the state of South Carolina, that's assured the death penalty. But I can't understand in the pad why they can give people three life sentences knowing they ain't going to live three life sentences.  So I said I'll let the state put me to death.

At the same time, why ruin three peoples' lives and their family?

The bottom line is, I should have gone with my gut instinct. People just don't give a s***. It don't matter. It just don't matter. They worry about the bulls*** instead of the important s***.

I ain't going to see nobody. Oh, no. But once I get in there, you see, I know what the deal is now. I know I still got to kill somebody. So the bottom line is, they don't give a s***. They worried about child support charges. They ain't worried about the mental state.

You know what I'm saying? I mean, the world just got they priorities screwed up. I mean, we worried about people in other countries when we got all these freaking problems in the United States. Clean your own house first! Then help who you can help. But no, that's not the way it is. It never has been. We all concerned about image. I mean, I know you got to say everything I say and it doesn't matter, but I say one way or another I'm going to get what I want to get. So they don't, nobody cares.

I mean, my family might mourn me. They might love me; I believe they love me. But you know what? [laugh] I don't even call them! [laughing] I ain't talked to them in over a year! And I love them to death, you know, cause we family and... Not even them would understand.

Officer: Are you from here?

Robinson: No. No. Alabama.

Officer: Where?

Robinson: Birmingham.

Officer: Birmingham. How long did you serve in the Marine Corps?

Robinson: 20 years.

Officer: 20?

Robinson: And nobody cares.

Officer:  You got drafted?

Robinson: No. No. I volunteered. Oh yeah, oh yeah. I think three weeks after boot camp, Nixon stopped that.

Officer: Nixon stopped it?

Robinson: Yeah. You know the draft was called off. And I figure he was the president and he had the power to do that so... And I saw my number coming up, but that didn't matter cause of the fact when I was in high school, I was in junior ROTC. I was always going to go to the military, regardless.

Officer: What branch were you going into?

Robinson: Army. Yeah. They didn't have Navy and Marine Corps and all that crap until later.

Officer: Yeah. So probably everything was Army for a long time.

Robinson: Yeah. We talking back in the 70s. [laughter]

Officer: You were in ROTC all four years of high school?

Robinson: Oh yeah.

Officer: I'm only 25. I was in the Navy ROTC in high school. I enjoyed it. I was supposed to go to the Navy after high school but they said I took the ASVAB too many times...

Robinson: Mmm!

Officer: ... You're supposed to take them six months apart and I took them five months and 30 days apart. So they wouldn't take the higher score. Everybody told me they wanted me to take it again and my recruiter -- he was a cool dude, he was straight up -- [unintelligible] ... And I had a Marine recruiter and an Army recruiter and they were just...

Robinson: Trying to get the numbers.

Officer: ... trying to get the numbers. And I was like, 'Okay.' And he was telling me, he was like, 'Man, you're going to deal with dumb stuff.' He said, 'I'm not going to sit up here and lie about it and do what everybody else do to get the numbers.' He said, 'I could care less. If I bring five people in, that I tell the truth then. I'm not out there telling lies and selling dreams.' That's what recruiters do; they sell those dreams.

Robinson: Oh yeah, that's what they do. They tell you you can be a jet pilot knowing you dumb as dirt.

Officer: They will look at you and tell you that even though your ASVAB score is the lowest ever, you can still be a fighter pilot. Then they get there and they cooking food or something.

Robinson: [laughter] Exactly. [laughter] Back in my day, it wasn't about smarts. They wanted braun not brain. Today everything is electronic mechanized so you got to have a certain degree of intelligence to deal with computer s***. Cause, I'm going to tell you, I'm computer illiterate. I don't even have a cell phone cause I .. I can't deal with it.

Life don't have to be hard. Just the fact that you don't have enough people to listen. You don't have enough people to tell you the truth whether it hurts or not.

See, I'm going to tell these people the truth and they won't listen. The first time they stick me in a cell with somebody, I don't give a s*** who it is, I'm going to try to kill them. But they not going to listen cause they don't give a s***. That's not they job. Long as they go home at night, eat they steak and enjoy they life, that's all that matters. Not a whole lot of people that give a s*** about another person's life. Long as it ain't happening to them, but the minute that it touches them? Oh! Then it comes really real!

They not going to listen. Been there. Done that.

I know you have to report everything you hear and I don't have a problem with that. But I'm just going to show you, ain't nobody going to listen.  They not going to listen! [laughter] Idone know!

[unintelligible] They going to say, 'Take him to the doctor.' F*** the doctor! He ain't crazy. Not yet, I think.

Officer: [unintelligible]

Robinson: Right. Right. Right. Because you don't know.

Officer: Because I don't know.

Robinson: Exactly. You know what, my man? It don't matter how far you go in the future, you know what one thing is always going to be real? Black and white... black and white. I seen it in the paper yesterday, they still got racial profiling.

Officer: I didn't read it.

Robinson: You ain't read it? See, you need to read the paper cause if they enough people hollering about it, that's the only reason it be in the paper. See? There ain't no bulls***.

Officer: What was it about?

Robinson: It was about police stopping black people! The high percentage of black people they stop! You see, they not even giving a citation or a ticket, so why they stopping them? That's what the paper is saying. That's what the NAACP is saying. And they're all sitting around South Carolina right now, you see? If you never watched it once, watch it. One is called 'Queen' where the female pass as white until they found out she wasn't white.

Officer: I saw that movie.

Robinson: Yeah, well, remember when that brother said we would never be free? No, we not. They try to keep it low-key, but it's always going to be black and white. Believe that. We got to fight wisely and we got to fight every god**** thing we hear. We just as smart, just, you know, just as hard working. The only reason we end up slaves is the fact white people that they had slaves to begin with cause they couldn't deal with the heat!

I'm just throwing s*** out there, my brother, cause I'm older than you, you know, and I'm a criminal, you know [laughter] Hey! Nothing I say matters.

It's just like they say, a whole lot of truth comes out of the mouth of babes.

Officer: What's that? I didn't hear it.

Robinson: A whole lot of truth comes out of the mouth of babes. It's all, you know, but you won't listen to me. I ain't got no reason to sit here abd bulls*** you, I'm telling you in 55 years what I seen and done ... And I told you what the old people told me. Don't believe nothing I say, but keep this in the back of your mind. Cause sooner or later, you ain't seen it now, you will. There's always something, always somebody trying to keep you down for whatever, you know. And I'm not going to sit here and tell you all white people are prejudiced because I don't believe that. I wasn't raised like that. But the first time I saw my momma cry was when John F. kennedy got assassinated. I can't understand why she was crying over, over, over a white man. That's when she sat down and told us. Don't be ignorant to what other people see, what other people do.

But always be aware of what the right hand is trying to feed you and what the left hand is trying to do. You see how they attacking Barack Obama. No, they didn't want no black president. No. Hell no! I can guarantee you this: You won't see a second term.