SC House passes second reading of state-wide texting ban

COLUMBIA, SC (WCSC) - COLUMBIA, SC (WCSC) - Legislators in South Carolina made a big step towards banning drivers from texting while driving across the state Wednesday when the SC House passed the second reading of the Distracted Driving Bill, H. 4282.

The final reading is scheduled for Thursday.

The bill would prohibit drives from texting or emailing while drivers. Legislators in favor of the measure said the push for it came because texting is often a contributing factor in automobile accidents.

House speaker Bobby Harrell said the new measure would save lives. "This bill represents a much needed step in protecting our citizens and maintaining safe roadways that people across our state have uniformly supported."

Harrell went on to say that legislators need to adapt to changing technologies and work to change laws to keep South Carolinians safe on the state's roadways.

He called the combination of inexperienced drivers and avid texting a "formula for disaster."

"A successful infrastructure system requires both good quality and safe roadways.  Infrastructure is critical to our state's future and this bill will help ensure that our citizens have a safer environment to travel our state."

If the bill passed, South Carolina would join 19 other states, Washington, D.C and Guam that have state-wide texting bans for all drivers.

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