Greenville sheriff won't pursue charges in basketball brawl

GREENVILLE, SC - GREENVILLE, S.C. (AP) - Law enforcement officials in South Carolina won't pursue charges against those involved in a brawl that followed a high school basketball game.

The fight broke out as players met to shake hands after Southside High's 61-55 playoff win over Abbeville on Feb. 24.

Greenville County Sheriff's Lt. Shea Smith said the decision was reached because no victims came forward to file assault reports and administrators at both schools assured investigators the students involved were appropriately punished.

Abbeville suspended eight players from school for five days. Southside disciplined three players.

Video showed players on each side involved as fans left the stands to take part. Coaches and administrators were seen trying to separate combatants and a law enforcement officer was seen extending his baton, trying to clear the court.

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