Historic Dock Street Theater reopening in downtown Charleston

CHARLESTON, SC - CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) - An $18 million renovation of a South Carolina theater on the site of America's first theater is being finished.

Reporters will see on Friday renovations to the Dock Street Theatre in Charleston used. The theater, used for Spoleto Festival and other events, reopens next week.

The original Dock Street was built in 1736 and is thought to have been destroyed in a fire. A second theater on the site dated to the 1760s, but it fell into disuse and was torn down.

In 1809, what became the Planters Hotel was built on the site. It closed in the 1870s and the building saw other uses.

The city acquired the property in the 1930s and it was renovated for use again as a theater by the Works Progress Administration.

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