Savannah square destroyed in 1950s reopens

SAVANNAH, GA - SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP) - Savannah's got a brand new square. All it took was demolishing a parking garage, more than four years of construction and nearly $32 million.

Actually, Ellis Square - which reopened Thursday - is among the oldest of the 22 oak-shaded squares that serve as 1 of the most unique features of Savannah's historic footprint. It's 1 of the original four squares plotted in 1733 by Georgia's founder, James Edward Oglethorpe.

The square was destroyed in 1954 when city officials opted to build a parking garage on top of it. The garage was torn down in 2005 so the square could be restored.

Mayor Otis Johnson says reviving Ellis Square was a chance to rid Savannah of an eyesore and to make surrounding blocks more attractive to business and visitors.

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