2010 Census means millions of dollars at stake

HORRY COUNTY, SC - By Trey Paul - bio | email

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Horry County officials are saying there's a lot at stake when it comes to the 2010 Census form.

"Basically money," said Horry County Councilman Gary Loftus, chairman of the county's Complete Count Committee. "What it means is it takes less pressure off the local governments having to raise revenue from the local people if we have more federal dollars. That's simple enough."

What many don't know is that state funding is up for grabs, which could go towards roads and schools.

"I didn't know there was any money at all. I just thought you fill it out and they use it for information," Michelle Rahner said.

Missy Garrison said that having a student in her household is definitely enough motivation to complete her form.

"I have a kid in kindergarten. She'll be there for the next 12 years, and if it helps her out, I can take the time to do it," Garrison said.

Garrison says she received an automated call from Horry County Schools urging her to fill out the form.

South Carolina could miss out on more federal funding if it doesn't improve its census reporting.

"South Carolina was the 46th worst state in census reporting, and Horry County was next to last among South Carolina counties," Loftus said, adding if enough people are counted, Horry County could see a seventh Congressional district centered between Myrtle Beach and Florence. "That means 18 percent more representation in Congress; that means another opportunity to get someone on the transportation committee and get more funding for I-73."

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