Councilman looking for answers on Folly Beach park plan

FOLLY BEACH, SC (WCSC) - FOLLY BEACH, SC (WCSC) - Five might be the magic number on Folly Beach.

The Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission is looking at five parcels of beachfront land to build a new park, but city councilman Dave Stormer says a new parm means more people and more cars for an area of Charleston that already battles overcrowning problems during spring and summer months.

"Those of us who live on the beach certainly aren't anxious for more traffic," said Stormer.

The proposed county park would be the fifth on Folly Beach.

"We have a boat landing. We have the pier, the swimming area on the west end, the old Coast Guard station on the east end. All of them are park property," said Stormer. "PRC has four parks on Folly Beach now. Do they need another one?"

That seems to be the $2.8 million question because the land would be purchased with money out of the Greenbelt fund. However, that fund can only be used to purchase land -- maintenance and improvement funding would have to come from somewhere else. The PRC says they are applying for a grant to cover the other costs of developing the fifth park.

The land for the park would sit at the intersection of East Arctic Avenue and 2nd Street, creating an area of beachfront property and connected property.

Stormer also wants to know the town's plans for mitigation.

"We have to provide the policing, the fire protection, the trash pick-up," he said. "What's in it for the tax payers here?"

Stormer admits there are benefits another park in the area could bring, but until late last week, he says he didn't know anything about it.

"I just want to know how we got here to this point without the knowledge of any residents, or our planning commission or the city council," said Stormer.

The PRC says they talked to the mayor so they thought Folly Beach's city council was up to speed on plans in the area. They also say there is nothing different about this process than any other Greenbelt purchase.

The city council has scheduled two meeting Wednesday night to discuss the issue. The first is being hosted by the PRC at 5 p.m. at their headquaterters on Riverland Drive. The second is being held by the Folly BEach City Council at City Hall at 6 p.m.

Both meetings are open to the public and they are invited to attend.

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