Horry County police warning residents of phone scam

HORRY COUNTY, SC - HORRY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Horry County police officers are warning residents there to be careful after a phone scam has robbed two elderly victims of thousands of dollars.

According to investigators, a caller impersonates a potential victim's grandchild and claims to be on a class trip or Spring Break and to have fallen into legal trouble. The perpetrators initiate each call by simply saying, "Grandpa?" or "Grandma?"

When the potential victims answers with a yes, they identify themselves as the eldest grandchild, waiting on verbal vues from the victim before reiterating the name given them. In the story given to victims, the perpetrator says they are in Montreal, Canada and they are looking for help without notifying their parents.

Usually, the story includes some criminal or legal matter that the suspect says a fictitious lawyer can handle if the victim wires a certain amount of money to him. The suspect says they will hang up and a lawyer will call back with instructions on wiring the money.

Investigators say they are working two active cases in Horry County but there are several other instances of it around the country. In both cases, the victims lost nearly $5,000 in the scam.

Horry County officers are warning people to contact other family members before going along with the possible ruse to locate their grandchildren and to notify the Horry County Police.

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