No texting violations at Carolina Cup

CAMDEN, SC - CAMDEN, SC (WIS) - Zero tickets were handed out at the Carolina Cup Saturday. And no, we're not talking about for underage drinking.

Camden police wrote their fair share of violations at Saturday's horse race, but they didn't write tickets over the city's newest rule.

"You can't text and drive inside the city of Camden any longer," explained Camden Police Chief Joseph Floyd.

The no texting law passed on Tuesday. Brandon Bowers knew about the new law before making the drive to Camden on Saturday.

"I actually found out on the news, [I] heard about it on the news a couple of times," said Bowers.

But some out of town visitors don't know about the new texting rules. Shenise Lee is from Georgia. She's glad she didn't get pulled over.

"I'd think, please don't give me a ticket...I didn't know," said Lee.

When the horses are done racing and back in their stables, Bowers will have his eyes on the road and wait 'til he gets home to text his friends all about it.

"It doesn't take but a second to make a mistake and be all over the road," said Bowers.

When it comes to underage drinking citations, that's another story. Chief Floyd says they handed out a much higher number of citations Saturday than in year's past. Floyd credits the increased number of undercover officers.

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