Ga. student receives letter from President Obama

SAVANNAH, GA - By Brooke Kelley - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - President Barack Obama receives hundreds, maybe thousands of letters each day. And one of those came from a youngster in Liberty County, Ga.

"I told him I was a top reader in the school," said Patrick Underwood Jr., a third grader at Waldo Pafford Elementary School in Hinesville.

A couple months ago he wrote to Obama asking him to visit his school.

"I knew Barack Obama was coming to Savannah and I had to go to school the day he was coming to Savannah. I wanted to know if he would come to my school to see me, so I wrote him a letter," he said.

Three weeks later, a letter arrived in the mail from the president.

"Since he couldn't make it, he wrote me back. It's surprising because I never thought he would write me back because of all the stuff he does because he's the president,"said Underwood. "He told me to keep up my grades. I have to keep my grades up and stay strong."

But Patrick isn't the only member of his family to get a letter from the president. His father, Patrick Underwood, wrote to President Clinton when he was in school.

"I was in the 11th grade when Bill Clinton was in office and I wrote Bill Clinton and he actually wrote me back," said the elder Underwood.

He says it's something he will never forget and is glad his son will be able to share that same feeling. "It's encouraging he cares about the students," he said.

Underwood says he plans to frame his son's letter from President Obama and place it next to former President Clinton's letter.

He says it will be the first thing people see when they walk into their home.

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