Mother of missing Dorchester County woman "disappointed"

CHARLESTON, SC - CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The mother of a Dorchester County woman who had been reported missing says she's relieved but disappointed in her daughter.

Tiesta Burwell, who had been missing since 2007, turned up in Florida after U.S. Marshals arrested a major fugitive connected with the woman.

U.S. Marshalls took David Kornahrens into custody for federal and state charges. Kornahrens was also a suspect in the disappearance of Teista Burwell.

Burwell's family had reported the disappearance on December 26, 2007, but through the arrest of Kornahrens authorities learned that Burwell had been living with him under a fake name and identity in Miami, Fla.

Her mother Tina Swain has mixed feelings about the discovery.

"I'm thrilled she is alive but I am very upset with her," said Swain.

According to WSVN in Miami, U.S. Marshals and Drug Enforcement Agency agents apprehended Kornahrens at a sandwich shop at 1361 Washington Ave. in Miami Beach.

Dorchester County officials say that since her disappearance there had been no sight of her, no financial transactions and no online activity.

Kornahrens was wanted for counterfeiting and robbery while Burwell was taken into custody on a warrant for possession of a stolen vehicle.

As of late Friday evening, Burwell was being held without bond on an out of state warrant and Kornahrens had not been booked.

"They will now have to return to South Carolina to face their pending charges," according to a statement by U.S. Marshal Kelvin Washington.

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