Blue Angels Awe, Inspire

Charleston, SC (WCSC) - The Blue Angels studded the sky for a second and final performance Sunday afternoon; thousands of spectators lined the battery and Waterfront Park in downtown Charleston, while thousands more packed Patriots Point in Mt. Pleasant.

"[The Blue Angels] put on a great show," said spectator Andrew Sosebee.  "If you didn't make it out today, you missed out!"

Early estimates from police on traffic detail near gathering sites suggest a slightly higher attendance for Sundays air show as opposed to Saturday.  While no exact numbers are known, upwards of 8,000 have viewed the hour long show each day in previous years.

"It is just great to see all the people come out," said Sosebee.  "It is about patriotism!"

Some spectators reported arriving at the battery as early as 11 am Sunday morning.  Shows both Saturday and Sunday started at 2pm.

"We drove 60 miles to get here," said spectator Jane Corbin.  "We got here early enough to get good seats.  It was worth it."

For Corbin and other long distance travelers, downtown garages charged a flat rate of $5.  Patriots Point in Mt. Pleasant charged $3.

"The whole experience was just awesome," said Sosebee.  "It made you feel like a little kid again!"