Ft. Jackson to measure recruits' psychological fitness

FORT JACKSON, SC (WIS) - A new facility opening Wednesday at Fort Jackson will measure recruits' psychological fitness, Army officials say.

The Global Assessment Tool Survey Center will let nearly 500 soldiers a day take the Global Assessment Tool, a confidential online questionnaire which tracks psychological self-development and growth in over time. Until now, the test has been available only to career soldiers.

Soldiers will take the GAT every two years or within 120 days after a deployment. Reserve soldiers are also able to take the GAT every two years, and within 180 days following contingency operation deployments.

Family members, as well as Army civilians, may also use the Global Assessment Tool.

"Comprehensive Soldier Fitness is designed to raise the level of importance of psychological fitness to that of physical fitness," said Army spokesman Patrick Jones. "The program hails a new era and culture change for the Army, which now also equips and trains its Soldiers to maximize their potential and face the psychological rigors of sustained operations."

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