Wilmington 911 call: 'There's no help for me'


New Hanover County authorities have released two 911 calls pertaining to the truck crash in to New Hanover Regional Medical Center early Friday morning.  The calls paint a picture of a suicidal man who purposefully set out to kill himself by crashing his truck in to the hospital emergency room, but first called authorities in an effort to try to clear the hospital of bystanders.

The man identified himself as 45-year-old Jeffrey Elliott.  He told the 911 dispatcher that he wanted to leave a suicide note with emergency services because he couldn't be helped any more.

He said he was suicidal because he kept losing his family and jobs.

In another call to 911, a hotel employee at the Motel 6 on Market Street reported to authorities that a man in a white work truck told her that he was going to kill himself by crashing into the hospital.  He asked the employee, identified as Amber on the line, to call authorities to warn them to clear the hospital of any patients or visitors.

"He seemed pretty deranged," Amber said in the call to authorities.

The dispatcher tried to counsel the man on the line in the call which lasted a little more than a minute.  However, the man said he was going to crash his vehicle and the phone dropped out.

The following is the transcribed conversation between the suspect and a 911 operator:

911: New Hanover County 911. What's your emergency?

SUSPECT: I'd like to, uh, leave a suicide note. I'm about to drive a truck through a building.

911: All right, where are you at, sir?

SUSPECT: I'm going up, going up Market. I'm going 80. Cause I've already tried because I keep losing my family, jobs and stuff. So, I'm just really angry. And I don't even want to write it down, so that's what about I'm about to do.

911: All right, what's your name?

SUSPECT: My name is Jeffrey Elliott.

911: Jeffrey Elliott?


911: Are you there...are you by yourself Jeff?

SUSPECT: Yeah, I'm by myself. But everybody already helped me. All the hospitals and stuff. Over the years. And I...I'm to the point that...

911: OK, Jeff, tell me when you say they already helped you. What kind of help do you mean?

SUSPECT: Rehabs and all that kind of stuff.

911: How old are you Jeff?

SUSPECT: 45. Ain't no help for me.

911: Huh?

SUSPECT: There's no help for me.

911: Yeah, there probably is. Yeah, I think there is Jeff. You just, maybe you just haven't got to the right exact people, that you know....

SUSPECT: No. (indistinguishable)

911: Look here. Do you feel violent or anything?

SUSPECT: Yeah, I'm getting ready to do it now.

911: OK, do what? Hello?

(phone drops out)

UPDATE -- Noon

A special police force that is responsible for patrolling hospital grounds at New Hanover Regional Medical Center refused to release any information regarding a crash into the hospital Friday morning, citing federal privacy rights for the driver who is now a patient.

They are the only agency investigating the case.

Hospital spokesperson Martha Harlan confirms the man who called 911 to warn authorities that he would crash his truck into the hospital is indeed the man who was behind the wheel at the time of the incident.

The call came in to 911 at 6:24 a.m. Friday.  The man said he was about to crash into the emergency room.  While 911 dispatchers contacted the special police force, the man crashed in to the building.

The driver is currently admitted in to the hospital with injuries that are not considered life threatening.  No one else was injured.  The entrance sustained major damage.

The investigation continued Friday afternoon, but authorities have not said anything about any potential charges or motive for the man who put people's lives in jeopardy on hospital grounds.

Original Story

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Workers have now removed a white Ford truck that drove in to an entrance of New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington Friday morning.

The incident took place after 6 a.m.

The special police force at NHRMC is handling the situation, along with assistance from the Wilmington Police and Fire Departments.

There is major damage to that area, according to hospital officials.

A hospital spokesperson says no patients or workers in the hospital were injured, but the driver suffered injuries that are not considered life-threatening.

It is unclear at this point if this was an accident or intentional.

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