Celebrating Mother's Day

Summerville, SC (WCSC) -- For Jenn Beatty, Mother's Day 2010, or any other Mother's Day for that matter, wouldn't be possible without a post card she mailed to her husband while serving as a surgeon in the armed forces while stationed in Iraq.

"[The letter] said 'do you want to have kids? I do!'"

Speaking from their Summerville home, Jenn, her husband Tim, and daughter Lilly -- 17 months -- spend this particularly sunny Mother's Day reminiscing of that letter, that, as Tim says is somewhere in a box, in a room, that only he knows.

"It was pretty neat to get the letter," said Tim.  "It was a change of gears [from usual letters]."

So it was.  Jenn says she wrote her husband daily, usually recounting surgeries, or sharing other stories from the front line.  After working around the clock to constantly save the lives of others, Jenn says she was inspired to bring a life of her own in to the world.

"I think after you serve [in the armed forces], you begin to realize how much some people give for the things we want so we can have them," said Jenn.  "I figured being a mother would be a great way to [pay it back]."

Which is where the letter, short and to the point, came about; a style selected to represent the urgency and interest Jenn says she had in starting to live for others.

"You become a lot less focused on you, and you start to realize that you're not the most important person," says Jenn, holding Lilly in their front yard.  "You never look at things the same way again."

For now, and for the forseeable future, Jenn, Tim, and Lilly will continue to live life in harmony; Jenn is now a surgeon for Trident Health System of Summerville, affording her to be closer to both husband and child.  Fitting for the woman who says she finally feels as though she has everything she has ever wanted.

"Being a mother," said Jenn, "is an absolute blessing!"