Escaped inmate back behind bars, bond set at $50,000

Prince Albert Porter (Source: Charleston County Detention Center)
Prince Albert Porter (Source: Charleston County Detention Center)

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CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The man who was accidentally released from the Charleston County Detention Center faced bond court Saturday morning on escape charges.

A judge set Prince Albert Porter's bond at $50,000.

Prince Albert Porter, an inmate who was accidentally released from the Charleston County jail has a bond set for $50,000 on escape charges.

Porter, 24, was taken into custody at his mother's house in Hollywood less than 24 hours after he walked out of the Charleston County Detention Center early Friday morning.

"He told me he was released. And afterwards I guess he found out that it was a mistake. He didn't escape at all," said Eric Mitchell, Porter's brother.

Porter was being held on two counts of criminal domestic violence and one count of malicious injury to personal property.

Porter was booked Wednesday and a day later, he was part of a group of inmates who had not been assigned to a specific area. Another group of inmates who were being released were in the same room, at the same time.

"Where the error was made was allowing both groups to be in the space at the same time," Cannon said.

The sheriff thinks Porter saw a flaw in the system and took advantage of it.

"He said, 'man they let me out.' He didn't say if it was a mistake or not," said Mitchell, who advised Porter he should turn himself into authorities.

Mitchell says Porter was scared because he knew officers were looking for him with canine units.

"He sat there and thought it through. It didn't take him long to think. He decided to turn himself in and do the right thing," Mitchell said.

Porter contacted a US Marshall's agent who helped convince Porter to turn himself in.

He never tried to evade police, Mitchell said.

"Our biggest fear was officers being over aggressive with him," said Mitchell, who added Porter's family was relieved.

"We screwed up. We messed up," Cannon said.

Cannon said the mistake was partly the result of being in a new facility, but it wasn't an excuse.

"By in large, the biggest factor I think is just folks not doing what they were supposed to do," he said.

Sheriff Cannon says this is the second time in five years an inmate is able to escape the detention center's facility. The last time an inmate attempted an escape, he somehow climbed on to the roof of the building and jumped the barbed wire.

Since then, there have been several attempted escapes, but those have been inmates who are part of work camps and considered violent offenders.

Porter will be back in bond court at a later date on domestic violence charges.

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