Haley says she will not be distracted by Folks allegations

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Republican candidate for governor Nikki Haley spoke with reporters Friday morning after appearing on a local radio station.  Haley addressed the Will Folks phone records and how they pertain to Folks' allegations that Haley had an affair with him.

Haley says the phone calls are a result of Folks' work on her staff as a press liaison.  "He worked for me.  I disclosed that he worked for me when he did.  You can ask any member of my staff, when they work for me, I expect work from them whether it's by email, or by text, or anything else.  I work my staff hard, and I make sure that things get done.  And so, that's all this is," said Haley.

Preferring to focus on the issues of the campaign, rather than the allegations, Haley will not pursue legal action at this time.  Said Haley, "I am very focused on this election.  I will not be distracted.  Michael and I have both talked about this.  Right now, our goal is to get through this election.  We will deal with this after the election in the way that is appropriate."

"This is what I'll tell you, I was ten points up in the poll.  I was 'Nikki who?' before, then I suddenly got ten points up in the poll, then I got twenty points up in the poll, and then all of a sudden, this explodes," Haley said when asked about Folks' credibility.  "I think that people are smarter than this.  This came out at the last minute, as it showed we were headed into the primary in a very strong way, and that's why we refuse to give this any energy or credibility.

"I think the people of this state deserve me talking about issues, I think they deserve me being focused, and I will not be distracted.  They unleashed a tiger; if anything I'm more motivated and focused than I've ever been," said Haley.

Haley does not believe these allegations have hurt her campaign, and she believes voters are showing her more support than ever.

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