What to know before Tuesday's primary election

By Hannah Horne - bio | email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The primary election is Tuesday and if you're a registered voter, you may still have some questions. After all, there are plenty of rules to make sure people vote correctly.

Before you go to the polls, the South Carolina Election Commission has some advice on casting ballots that won't catch you off guard.

First, when you walk in, you'll be asked to declare a party -- either Democrat or Republican.

"You can only vote in one party's primary on primary day," said Chris Whitmire with the election commission. "You have to choose one or the other"

That means you will be given a ballot full of Democrats or Republicans, but not both.

Bringing some form of identification is also important. "You need to bring one of three items: your driver's license, your voter registration card or a DMV-issued ID card," said Whitmire.

What if you can't make it to the polls and need to vote absentee?

"At this point, your best option for voting absentee is to go to your voter registration office and vote absentee in person," said Whitmire. "Due to the late date, you're risking your ballot."

If there's a runoff on June 22, you will once again have to vote with the party you declared on Tuesday, June 8.

There are also rules if you've moved recently within your county. You can go to your old polling place and cast a partial ballot or go to your county voter registration office on Election Day and they'll be able to get you a full ballot.

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