Newcomer challenges incumbent SC GOP treasurer

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - South Carolina Treasurer Converse Chellis was trying to keep his job Tuesday against a political newcomer in a testy Republican primary race.

No Democrat is running so the winner should get the job.

The race has been ugly, with political newcomer Curits Loftis challenging Chellis' work ethic. He's run a commercial in which he promises to drive his own vehicle and calls the Chevrolet Tahoe provided to the treasurer by the state a "taxpayer funded luxury SUV."

Chellis said his opponent's allegation he only works three days a week is faulty and doesn't factor in the hours he spends in his office. He is a certified public accountant who has questioned Loftis' qualifications to be the state's chief financial officer. Loftis runs a pest-control business.

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