Voters choose candidates in 39 SC House primaries

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - Voters are shaping a good bit of South Carolina's next Legislature as they go to the primary polls.

There are 25 Republican and 14 Democratic primaries among the 124 House seats on Tuesday. Republicans currently control the chamber by a wide margin. The Senate's members don't face voters until 2012.

Whle the GOP will keep control of the chamber, the margin will be a factor. The next crop of lawmakers will get to use U.S. Census data to draw state and U.S. House districts, a task made even more interesting since South Carolina expects to pick up a seventh U.S. House seat, causing big changes in district maps.

Less than one-third of the state's 124 House seats will have a Republican and Democrat facing off in this fall's general election.

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