Dem gov. candidate Sheheen to focus on issues after primary win

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - The winner of the South Carolina Democratic gubernatorial nomination says he's surprised to avoid a runoff.

State Sen. Vincent Sheheen told WIS-TV on Wednesday he had expected a runoff in his battle with state Education Superintendent Jim Rex and state Sen. Robert Ford. Sheheen got 59% of the vote Tuesday.

The Camden lawmaker says South Carolina has had too much squabbling, scandal and embarrassment. He says he'll focus on improving education and creating jobs this fall.

Sheheen will face either State. Rep. Nikki Haley or U.S. Rep. Gresham Barrett. They meet in a June 22 runoff for the Republican nomination.

Sheheen says he doesn't expect fallout from problems President Obama faces, saying people in South Carolina are focused on what's happening in the state.

Sheheen ran away with the democratic nomination for governor Tuesday.

Sheheen's 110,544 votes more than doubled his next closest competitor. He defeated Rex, 43,101 votes, and Ford, 33,728 votes by large margins.

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