Soldier stationed overseas spots wife's lost dog on Facebook

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A reunion of an unusual kind happened Tuesday afternoon in Columbia.  A pooch separated from its owner was found in an unlikely place by an even more unlikely person.

Kyrie Lowe, her infant son and her dog, Trixie, were on their way to Fort Benning, GA, when they were in a car accident on I-20 near Bishopville, SC.  Trixie, presumably frightened from the wreck, ran away from the scene.

"When I got out of the car to get my son, she booked it east," Lowe said. "I haven't seen her since.

Lowe left Bishopville bound for home hoping somebody would find the only dog she's ever had.  Trixie found her way to just the right person, Amanda Hamilton.

One of Hamilton's friends found Trixie tied to a pole at a gas station in Bishopville.  Hamilton, a dog lover, took Trixie in.  A stroke of luck for Trixie, because Hamilton's mother, Marie Lipton, is also a dog lover. Lipton owns a store in Columbia's Five Points called Pupcakes.

Lipton put pictures of the lost dog on the store's Facebook fan page.  Hamilton and Lipton named the dog Delilah in the online post, but a man a world away would see the picture and immediately know the dog's name was really Trixie.

"Within half an hour, we got a response from a soldier in Iraq who said his wife had been in an accident on I-20 near Bishopville," said Lipton.

That soldier was Lowe's husband Joseph.  He saw the post and immediately knew it was his wife's missing dog.  When Kyrie's husband called her to tell her that he had found Trixie on the she couldn't believe it.

On Tuesday, Lowe drove 5 hours to pick up her beloved Trixie.  Fittingly, the reunion happened at Pupcakes.  The owner and daughter that cared enough to save Trixie, now had to say goodbye.

"I think it's the best outcome for her, so I'm happy,"said Hamilton.

Thanks to Facebook and a couple of thoughtful dog lovers, Trixie is back home in Georgia.  The family will be complete when Joseph returns home from Iraq in a few months.

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