Rasmussen poll has Haley, Barrett beating Sheheen

COLUMBIA, SC (WCSC) - A Rasmussen poll released Monday shows both GOP gubernatorial candidates pulling sizeable leads against November's Democratic rival.

Following an active and contentous primary, Rep. Nikki Haley is running stronger than her run-off opponent Rep. Gresham Barrett, indicating that personal attacks on Haley have done little to cut into her popularity. In the poll, Haley held a 21-point lead over Sheheen.

The same poll shows Barrett's lead over Sheheen to be only 8 points.

In both comparisons, 6 percent of voters were undecided. However, only 5 percent of likely voters said they would vote for someone other than Haley or Sheheen, while 10 percent said they would choose someone else in a Barrett-Sheheen race.

Haley fell just short of the necessary 50-plus-1 majority to win the June 8 primary, which forced the run-off with Barrett.

She faced two unsubstantiated allegations of extra-marital affairs and a racial attack at the hands of Sen. Jake Knotts. Yet it seems the negative depictions of Haley only served to help her cause. A mid-May poll showed Haley surge from fourth to first, after the affair allegations surfaced.

In Rasmussen's last general election survey, Barrett held a 23-point lead over Sheheen. Haley was not included in that poll.

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