Poll: DeMint heavily favored in SC Senate race

By Sam Tyson email | Twitter

COLUMBIA, SC (WCSC) - A new Rasmussen poll released Tuesday shows Republican incumbent Jim DeMint outdistancing his unknown, unemployed opponent by more than 30 points.

DeMint currently holds a 58-21 percent lead over Democratic challenger Alvin Greene.

The poll shows that 9 percent of those queried prefer a different candidate and 13 percent are still undecided, which means even if Greene manages to pull those two groups of voters to his side, he would still be handily beat by the GOP frontrunner.

It appears that a state Democratic party mired in primary complaints and reeling from not running a widely-known candidate against DeMint has dwindled an election day long-shot down to a near impossibility. Investing more time and energy into the gubernatorial race to replace the lame duck Gov. Mark Sanford directed attention away from other races across the state, the poll concluded.

Unfortunately, the Democratic nominee for governor, Vincent Sheheen, is trailing in a Rasmussen poll against both GOP run-off candidates.

In the Senate race, DeMint leads among male voters by a 4-to-1 margin and by female voters by a 2-to-1 margin. To make matters worse for Greene, the poll shows Greene has the backing of only half of Democrats while DeMint is solidly backed by 90 percent of Republicans.

Seventy-nine percent of conservatives in the state like DeMint. In a December poll, 51 percent of Republican respondents said they wanted the party to be more like DeMint than like Lindsey Graham.

The numbers look bleak for Greene and the Democrats who are currently pursuing voting fraud issues related to several primary races in the state, including this Senate race. Greene, who has no campaign funding and has said several times since his June 8 win that he would need state and federal party support to mount a campaign against DeMint, is in political limbo.

The longer the state party takes to get behind their nominee, the worse the final vote tallies may look come November.

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