Students learn how to create an iPhone application

By Bob Behanian  bio | email

CHARLESTOn, SC (WCSC) -The new iPhone from Apple came out on Thursday. Students at the Art Institute of Charleston are doing more than just buying it, they are learning how to develop iPhone applications.

"I really feel this is the premiere interactive experience," said Russ Bratcher.

Bratcher is one of eight students who just finished taking the new ten week course at. The class teaches students how to develop an iPhone application. They each had their own app idea.

"I did a calorie counter for fast food restaurants," said student Stephanie Schultz.

Student Christine Marquardt says, "It's an app that plays ambient sounds."

Marquardt designed her application for business travelers who spend time sleeping away from home.

Marqaurdt says, "You can take it with you on the road in a motel to help you fall asleep."

Bratcher's app allows fans of the local band Crowfield to remove the lead singers beard and attach it to their own picture. He says the course was everything he expected.

Bratcher added, "The degree was interactive media and web design. It was awesome."

The administration at the Art Institute says they recognized that several companies were looking to hire people who could develop an iPhone application, so they added the class.

"I knew that it was an opportunity for students to be more employable when they finished their program," said Shari Schleis, Assistant Chair of the Graphic Design program.

Students say this class gives them a chance to step outside the normal curriculum.

Marquartdt added, "I think it's great to be able to spread our wings."