Power of WCSC

In 1953, the first words uttered on WCSC were, "Five is now alive." Live 5 was the first Television station to broadcast in Charleston, SC. We've been the ratings leader ever since.

WCSC-TV5's is the Market leader for local and Breaking news, Sports and Weather.

WCSC-TV5's audience numbers are 50-75% greater than the competition.

WCSC-TV5's News out-delivers all other newscasts combined.

WCSC-TV5 reaches over 60% of the total available audience.

WCSC-TV5's prime is primo with such #1 programs as CSI, Two ½ Men, The Mentalist and Survivor, just to name a few.

WCSC-TV5 programs A+ Syndication programs such as 2 ½ Men and The Doctors.

WCSC-TV5 over indexes the CBS Network by 20%.

WCSC-TV5 boasts several broadcast awards in station promotion and commercial production.

WCSC-TV5 has the most advanced weather technology in the Lowcountry with the market exclusive Live 5 Super Doppler.

 Live 5 News Viewer Demographics


  • 87% have Internet access from home
  • 61% have Internet access from work


  • 61% own a wireless device with Internet access
  • 55% own a High Definition Television
  • 66% have cable television from a cable provider or phone company
  • 28% have satellite television from DirecTV or Dish Network

Social Media

  • 51% are on Facebook
  • 8% are on Twitter

Source: Smith Geiger, January 2010