Charleston Businesses Already Benefiting From Advertising on WCSC TV!

Transworld – Charleston, SC
"I was advertising on another local station when a Live 5 rep called and asked for a meeting. My first thought was that Live 5 would be too expensive then I saw what they had to offer. I switched stations and generated more revenue in one month on Live 5 then 6 months on the other station!"

Driggers Small Engine – Summerville, SC
"My 2010 Annual Truckload Sale was the most successful event yet. We experienced a sales increased of 30% over last year. We are especially encouraged by these results considering recent economic conditions. Live 5 was our largest television partner by far and we consider our partnership with Live 5 to be an integral part of our success."

Elms Digestive – North Charleston, SC
"We received a lot of positive feedback from our patients on the Colon Cancer Awareness commercial. Our patients were happy to participate and many who couldn't be here requested we contact them next time. New patients commenting that they've seen our commercial and it convinced them to call for Screening Colonoscopy."