UFO report off NC coast, likely military training

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WECT) - A group of people staying at a house on the North Carolina coast filed a report on the UFO website, "MUFON," saying a ball of light and several white orbs were spotted off the coast.

The report states nine people at a house near the Carolina Yacht Club in Wrightsville Beach saw a "reddish orange light blinking erratically" in the distance before another, white light appeared and disappeared before dividing into "nine orbs" in a "V formation."

"We were all shocked and we all agreed that what we saw was not manmade," the report stated.

The report was filed June 24, with the sighting listed as occurring June 22 around 9:30 p.m.  Following the sightings of blinking lights, the group reports seeing helicopters and two fighter jets.

"Down in that neck of the woods, we have military training all the time," said Senior Chief Jim Moore, with the Coast Guard.

Moore is based in the Sector North Carolina Command Center, and says our coastal waters are part of a large "Cherry Point Operating Area," where a lot of military training exercises take place.

According to Moore, multiple military bases from Camp Lejeune to Cherry Point to Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, use the same waters off our beaches for various types of training, day and night -- one viable explanation for the blinking lights followed by helicopters and jets.

Below is the full description of the sighting from MUFON.com.

"Nine people at a beach house near the Carolina Yacht Club in Wrightsville Beach, NC saw a ball of reddish orange light blinking erratically, silently in the distance over the ocean. A small white light appeared out of nowhere, close to the object, then they disappeared. Then about 2 minutes later, it reappeared and we saw it divide instantaneously into nine orbs, assembled into a horizontal V formation, after which it disappeared in a couple of seconds. There was no sound and no other aircraft around, and it was about 10 degrees over the ocean's horizon, about 1 to 2 miles away. We were all shocked and we all agreed that what we saw was not manmade. The movement was too fluid, and the speed at which it divided was extremely fast and yet controlled. The sighting was at 9:35pm, and then at 9:37pm. Shortly afterwards, we saw helicopters descending on the area over the ocean where we witnessed it. At around 11:45pm, two fighter jets flew by, parallel to the coast. Why were they flying so close to a residential beach town at that time of night? The next day, military helicopters flew up and down the beach all day long, nonstop."

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