Dorchester County most wanted suspect turns himself in

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - By Harve Jacobs  bio | email | Twitter

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - A man wanted by authorities for two years, turned himself in Friday after being featured on Live 5's Most Wanted on Thursday night.

Doremus Alston, 38, turned himself in to Probation and Parole agents in Dorchester County and is now in the Dorchester County jail.

Probation agents say Alston violated his probation for unlawful possession of a sawed off shot gun and child neglect.

"He was not supposed to be in possession of a sawed off shotgun. His four year old son got a hold of it, shot his two year old sister and killed her," said Probation and Parole agent Micky Talley."

Alston was given probation and stopped reporting to his probation officer. Authorities were looking for him for two years.

"He neglected to take care of his children. He should have never been in possession of the shotgun and none of this would have happened, and it's just devastating," said Talley.

Talley says Alston's criminal background makes him a dangerous man. "He has a violent history and he may be armed."

Authorities say Alston has family in New York and here in the Lowcountry, and thought he might be going back and forth.

"I'm just hoping that he would be in this area. We can locate him and get him off the streets and I want him to serve the five years prison time," said Talley.

Alston stands 6'0" and weighs about 248 lbs.

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