$10,000 in equipment taken from soil company

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A Charleston soil company says that more than $10,000 in equipment was stolen from by one of its employees.

Soil Consultants Inc. of 1508 Greenleaf Street filed a police report stating that an employee, Thomas Kimball Tsung Swei, allegedly threw out several pieces of expensive equipment after calling in sick from work for a week.

An employee at Soil Consultants Inc. told police that Tsung Swei called in sick from June 21 to June 24 and told his department manager that he was going to throw all the equipment away and move back to Arizona, where he is from.

The stolen items include a piece of ultrasonic testing equipment valued at $8,200, five ultrasonic transducers valued at $325 each, five BNC cables worth $50 each, a $400 calibration block and three transducer wedges valued at $100 each. The stolen items are worth $10,775.

Employees from Soil Consultants Inc. went to Tsung Swei's apartment complex and searched the dumpster for the equipment, but found nothing. They have not been able to reach Tsung Swei by phone or in person.

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