Missing boy's babysitter speaks out

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MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - There are reminders of little Rodricus Williams scattered all over Connie Huger's living room. From his favorite toys down to the spot where he carved a number two on the coffee table. Williams' memory lives on.

"We loved him dearly we loved him so much. He was a loving child, he was smart and he was happy when he was here," Huger said.

Connie and her daughter Sade babysat Williams off and on over the past two years. The Hugers met him through a family friend when the child was five months old. According to them, the boy's mother knew how much they cared for him.

"She knows whenever she called on us...if she wanted us for anything, whatever he needed. If she wasn't able to provide she could call, and we were there," Huger said.

Huger worries what might have happened if she hadn't contacted Rodricus' mother to check up on him.

"Had I not been aggravating her and bugging her 'let's go look for him' or what not- his body would still be where it was, nobody was going to be looking for him," Huger said.

The last time the Hugers saw Rodricus was in May. That's when they said his mother sent him to live with his father Roger.

Since the announcement of his mysterious disappearance Connie and Sade have a hard time coping.

"At night, it's hard for me to close my eyes and imagine what was going on, but I have to keep praying. I can't imagine things like that because it would kill me," Sade said.

Her mother Connie said she's equally hurt by the boy's disappearance, but said it's also scary.

"Even though the little boy they're describing is him they haven't really confirmed it's him and I'm just worried if it's not him then where is he? If it is him, then I thank God he's in a better place now and that no one can ever harm him again," Huger said.

In response to Rodricus' alleged health problems, Huger said the child did not have a medical condition while she took care of him.

The coroner and forensic doctors have not identified Rodricus as the body of the child that was found in the plastic trash can filled with cement. In the mean time, the Hugers said they'll be praying for him.

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