$68,000 missing from Charleston Visitors Bureau

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Charleston Visitors Bureau is missing more than $68,000, which they say was stolen from their safe last week.

According to Charleston police, a bank deposit bag totaling $5,500 in cash, $200 in traveler's cheques and $63,000 in personal checks marked "For Deposit Only," was taken from a locked safe within the visitors bureau building on July 7.

An employee told police that a member of her staff counted the funds that were to be deposited at the end of the business day last Wednesday. Upon completion of the count, the staff member placed the cash, checks and cheques into a deposit bag, sealed it with an adhesive strip and placed the bag in the safe.

Another employee, who was to take the deposit to the bank, opened the safe to get the money and make the deposit, but noticed the deposit bag missing.

Only employees are allowed in the area where the safe is located.

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