Meet Our Caring Staff

A Caring Heart Caring Staff
A Caring Heart Caring Staff

Tiffany Hills, RN/Case Manager

6 years as a Hospice Nurse

I have spent the majority of my nursing career as a hospice nurse. It is truly an honor to be able to provide compassionate care to individuals experiencing a terminal illness while maintaining their dignity and allowing them to make decisions regarding their care. I am frequently asked by my peers how I can do this job everyday. The answer to that is simple for me, this is not a job about dying but about living with the highest quality of life possible in any situation and never giving up hope.

Meet Our Staff

Hospice Workers Bring Caring, Comfort, &  Dignity to Patients  & Families 

Dennis Smith - Business Director 

Georgia Smith - Administrator

Michelle Sears RN - Director of Nursing

George Rumbold RN- RN Case Manager

Tiffany Hills RN - Case Manager

Laurel Hannon LBSW - Social Services

Carol Conway LMSW - Bereavement Services

Thomas Smith - IT/Techincal/Public Relations

Sherrel Brown - Community Education

Samantha Wolters - Medical Records Coordinator

Kathy Coffey - Volunteer Coordinator 

Elder Vita Y. Reese - Spiritual Care

Home Health Aides: Rita & Teresa

Denny - Inventory, deliveries, auxilary services for patients (lawn mowing, etc)