Georgetown robbers pepper spray, bite victim in armpit

GEORGETOWN, SC (WCSC) - Georgetown County sheriff's deputies are looking for two men involved in a home invasion early Tuesday morning.

According to the sheriff's deputies, two men armed with a shotgun and mace kicked in the door of a home around 12:05 a.m. Tuesday.

The victims told deputies that the men sprayed one of the victims with mace. The other victim said that he was standing in the kitchen and the suspects did not see him so he ran next door to call police.

The victim who was maced told deputies that the suspects stole his wallet, which contained $800 and a personal check after the followed him into his bedroom. The suspects also slammed him into a window and one bit him under his armpit.

As the victim tried to run down the hallway and out the back door, he heard two gunshots. He was unable to get out of the house so he hid in a closet. He found a hole in the floor and shotgun shells after the suspects left the home.

The victims told deputies that neither of the suspects appeared to know how to work the gun properly. Deputies found shells outside of the trailer along with a baby blue shirt that had blood stains on it.

Both victims told deputies that the suspects said nothing to them.

The victims described the suspects as white males who were not wearing masks or anything covering their faces. One was about 6 feet tall with short blonde or light colored hair and weighed around 245 pounds. The victims estimated he was about 35.

The second suspect is described as being around 6 feet tall with black hair and he looked to be about 28.

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