Alvin Greene talks about obscenity charge, Tickle-Me Elmo

By Molly Grantham - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Alvin Greene, the unexpected, unemployed underdog South Carolina Democratic U.S. Senate candidate, is starting to campaign a little harder.

He'll be speaking to the NAACP in his hometown of Manning Sunday. He also appeared Monday morning on Charlotte-based WBT Radio.

Again.  Monday was his fifth interview with host Keith Larson since June 10.

Over the weekend, a story ran in the New York Times in which Greene revealed there was Hollywood interest in his story as a movie -- and that he wanted Denzel Washington to portray him if a movie was made.

"Now Alvin," Larson asked Monday, "in a New York Times article about you, they say that you're supposed to be in court today [July 12] on that felony charge thing.  Is that true?"

"It was scheduled for today," Greene replied.  "The trial was scheduled for today but it was put off by the Solicitor's Office.  The Solicitor's Office is not ready to go try the case."

Greene said no new date is set for that trial.  He is charged with a felony obscenity charge for allegedly trying to show porn to a University of South Carolina female student.

Greene also told Larson that when it comes to his idea on action figures of himself, an idea which got lots of play last week, he is not kidding around.

He compared the action figures to the "Tickle Me Elmo" fad of several years ago when people used to "bum rush the stores" and lined up around the block for the dolls.  He said in America, "retail revenue and sales tax are big" and as long as he can back up this idea of action figures, it really could work.

Greene faces Republican U.S. Senator Jim DeMint in the fall.

All of Greene's interviews can be found on Keith Larson's website.

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