EMS: Charleston teen not struck by lightning

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - Charleston County EMS officials Tuesday said a teen reportedly struck by lightning during Monday evening's thunderstorms was not.

EMS Director Don Lundy said he examined the teen last night after the incident and found no evidence of a lightning strike.

According to Lundy, a lightning strike has a definite entrance and exit wound and the area around the strike is burned. The teen had none of those characteristic marks, he said. Instead, what the teen experienced was likely the effects of a "flash." Lundy said a flash happens when a person is near an electrical current, but not actually hit with it. The proximity to the current can result in anything from tingling to actually knocking a person off his feet, he said.

Other Charleston-based news agencies have talked to the teen who says the lightning traveled down the chimney and came in through the fireplace before striking him in the thigh. After the flash, the teen reported having a tingling sensation in his leg.

Lundy said there were no burns or damage around the home and the tingling sensation the teen reported is consistent with a flash.

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