Woman offers reward after 18-wheeler was stolen in North Charleston

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - An 18-wheeler disappeared from a container lot in North Charleston on Monday night and the owner is now offering a reward for its return.

Katie Wright is a third generation truck driver from James Island. She said that the truck is her livelihood.

"It means my husband's medicine being bought, my children's medicine being bought, our food that we eat every night, the house we live in," she said.

The 2001 Century Freightliner was kept in the container lot on Cross County Road.

"It's a red truck, it's got silver and black up the side. It's got a condo sleeper on it, it's pretty obvious if you see it going down the road," Wright said.

Her husband parked the truck and locked it at about 9 Monday night and when he returned at 5 a.m. Tuesday, the truck was already gone. Wright said the phone call she received right after made her heart drop.

"I said 'no I didn't move your truck why would I move your truck?' He started saying 'all right guys where did you hide my truck at?' and everyone said 'dude we didn't hide your truck its gone,' " Wright explained.

Another trucker who slept in the lot that night didn't hear a thing. Wright said she is not alone and that other trucks have been stolen in North Charleston and Hanahan.

As a result of theft, she is offering a reward, handing out fliers and spreading the word.

"These are their livelihoods their dreams their hopes and everything they worked for their whole lives. They're not gonna put up with this," Wright said.

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