Police nab suspect 15 minutes after robbery; Second suspect still at large

Jacob Warren Johnson
Jacob Warren Johnson

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - One of two suspects who allegedly robbed a woman of her cell phone around 9 p.m. Wednesday, was arrested less than 15 minutes after the crime was committed.

According to Charleston police, the victim and two men, who are part of a cleaning crew, were approached by the two suspects at 1483 Tobias Gadson Boulevard. One of those suspects, 17-year-old Jacob Warren Johnson was arrested by police.

Police say the two suspects approached the victims near their car and one of the suspects pulled a long gun, most likely a shot gun, out of his pants, pointed it at the victims, cocked the gun and demanded money from them.

The victims told him they didn't have any money and then one of the victim's phone rang. The victim asked if she could answer the phone and the suspect  told her "No, give me the damn phone or I will shoot you."

She gave him the phone, a HTC Hero Sprint phone valued at $500, and then he ran towards Highway 61.

Police caught one of the suspects on Highway 61 and continue to search for the other suspect. No one was injured.

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