Alvin Greene avoids details, calling them 'fluff'

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The surprise US Senate candidate from South Carolina had his first campaign speech Sunday -- but didn't include many details on his platform for election.

Alvin Greene, the Democratic nominee, said on Monday that he did not want to go into details in the six-minute speech -- which took two days to write -- because details were "fluff" and not substantive or meaningful. (Click here to listen to the speech)

"They want more detail, more fluff," Greene told WBT Radio host Keith Larson Monday. "Sometimes you get lost in the fluff. What is my opponent going to do?"

"Did they want more details?" Larson asked. (Click here to listen to the full interview)

"They said they want more details which is fluff," said Greene, an unemployed US Army veteran.  "The bad thing about that is -- you get lost in the details and fluff.  That's when you tune out, too.  So, that is the bad thing about going into more details.  What is my opponent going to do?  What solution does he have for making things better?"

The appearance on the Keith Larson's show is his sixth time on WBT. Larson also asked if Greene thought the government needed to raise taxes.

"No, I think we should fix the priorities of government," Green said.

"What are those priorities," Larson asked.

"We need to do things differently," said Greene, who did not provide the priorities.

"Jobs, education and justice?" Larson said.

"Ummm, Yes," Greene said.

Later in the interview, Larson asked if Greene thought that an action figure should be made of US Senator Kay Hagen (D-NC).

However, Greene, who has advocated such an action figure of himself to create jobs, hesitated and did not answer the question.

"Well, you'll have to ask her that," Greene said.

Larson congratulated Greene for apparently not directly answering a question that could have tripped him up.

Overall, Greene said that he was proud of his speech on Sunday in Manning.

"The whole program was good, everyone who attended were happy they were there, it was a good thing," Greene said. "This is the first official campaign speech that I gave.  I am getting used to this and from everyone I heard, they liked the speech."

Larson asked what was next for Greene.

"I just plan to — I just won't announce that just yet because I'm thinking about something I'll do within the next week, but I'm just thinking about it," Greene said.

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